How to Decorate with Vintage Designer Trunks April 19 2022

-I am so excited to have Erica Johnston from the fabulous blog Chic du Monde as our guest blogger today!  Here to share her tips on how to decorate with old vintage trunks, those of the vintage variety that will pique your interest. Make sure to pop over to Erica’s blog to see more of her genius fashion & interior design ideas!  xx-Sarah

-“Hi, this is Erica from Chic du Monde! I’m thrilled to be writing to you today about how to incorporate vintage designer trunks into your home decor. A lifelong lover of great design, I’m always looking for interesting ways to incorporate unique items into the home. I usually buy what I love and then find ways to work it into my decor (Shh! don’t tell my husband, he thinks I know exactly where it’s going BEFORE I buy!!). Hopefully this will give you some inspiration for that Goyard or Louis Vuitton you’ve been dying for, but weren’t sure where it would go!”  Cheers – Erica

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