Rose Marie Reid Swimwear is Timeless April 19 2022

The Beach Dilemma:  I think we can all admit it—sometimes today’s bathing suits are just a little too itsy bitsy and teeny weeny.  It seems as if the history of going to the beach for some relaxation and fun in the sun, sand, and water has gone from one extreme (not a spare inch of skin exposed, heavens no!) to the other (are you allowed to call that clothing?).  But really, what was wrong with the middle?  Swim suits of the 1950s and 1960s were chic, modest, and sexy, all at the same time—and Rose Marie Reid knew how to achieve that finite balance better than anyone.

Not only was Rose Marie a business woman and Mormon missionary, but she was clever.  She made her first bathing suit in 1937, and by 1950 she had patented a swim suit made of a special permeable fabric that allowed for whole body tanning.  No tan lines?  Awesome!

If you were a beach-going woman in the 1940s, 1950s, or 1960s and just ached for a bathing suit in an eye-catching mirrored fabric or Lurex brocaded satin, who would you turn to?  Rose Marie Reid, of course!  Want a bathing suit with some support?  Rose Marie Reid had your back!  Want to wear the same swim suit as a celebrity?  No problem—ever heard of Rose Marie Reid fan Rita Hayworth?

We were lucky enough to stumble upon an amazing example of Rose Marie Reid’s 1950s swimwear pieces, and are proud to offer it to the discerning fashionista who recognizes the true beauty of chic beachwear.  And check out the ad!