Stylized: Wearing Vintage to a Wedding April 19 2022

Somehow, in what seems like was the blink of an eye, it became wedding season. I don’t know about you, but the side of my fridge has quickly become covered with save the date’s, reception details, and fancy, calligraphy-filled invitations. And now the question is what will I wear?!  Let’s face it—any event we go to that merits some dressing up is a time to shine. Arranging your hair just so, smoothing out the skirt of the perfect dress, slipping your feet into some seriously killer heels…really, is there anything better? While at this point in my life I’ve outgrown the whole ‘what-if-someone-goes-to-prom-wearing-the-same-dress-as-me’ mentality, a few summers ago I did show up to a friend’s wedding in a dress remarkably similar to the ones the bridesmaids were wearing (mine had pockets though, so I count that as a win). If you’re going to put the effort into looking good and feeling better, it’s nice when your look is quite obviously unique and completely you. What better way to distinguish yourself than by wearing vintage to a wedding? Luckily, here at Rice and Beans Vintage, we’ve got you covered. Here are a couple of our favorite pairings:

Now if you are the bride this is where the fun begins!  Accessorizing with vintage on your wedding day can bring an unexpected and glamorous look to your special day.  When I walked down the aisle I accessorized my beaded Reem Acra  gown with a Vintage 50’s White Cashmere Sweater with White Fox Fur Collar.  Just this one piece brought the whole look to another level, not to mention the pictures…..  Accessorizing with vintage on your wedding day can be as simply as adding a pair of  Vintage Rhinestone Earrings or a Vintage Leopard Fur Collar to your reception look!  What about a pair of Vintage Gloves?  Whatever you pick, have fun, enjoy and congratulations!

Vintage Rhinestone Earrings from Rice and Beans Vintage

Now Bring on the Weddings!

Thank you to Sharyn Peavey of  Sharyn Peavey Photography for the beautiful wedding photos featuring Vintage accessories from Rice and Beans Vintage.  Sharyn is THE go to Photographer for your special day and more in Maine.  Please visit her website to see her work.

written by Heather Cox & Sarah Korsiak Cellier for Rice and Beans Vintage.