Vintage 1993 CHANEL – Chanel Charms and Accessories April 19 2022

Think back to the Chanel collection from 1993. Chanel has been known for many things—chic luxury, classic flap handbags, little black dresses, the two-piece suit.  But in 1993, Chanel was known for its belts. Karl Lagerfeld sent model after model down the runway that year dressed in long layers and short layers, jackets and pantsuits, virtually all with a signature  linked belt slung low on her hips.  There were simple gold link belts, belts with multiple tiers, belts with charms and iconic CC symbols dangling down.

Here at Rice and Beans Vintage, we are fortunate enough to have a classic  belt from the 1993 season, complete with four-leaf clover charms.  Wear it as a  traditional as a belt, or more customized as a necklace.  Plus the beautiful Lea Michelle was just wearing nearly the identical belt on the cover of ELLE!  Who doesn’t need a little more luck in their lives?

1993 CHANEL Icon Charm Belt or Necklace Lea Michele ELLE Cover wearing the Vintage 1993 CHANEL Icon Charm Belt