Wedding Accessories: Vintage Designer Jewelry April 19 2022

If you’re like me, you’ve spent a considerable amount of time attending weddings recently—best friends, co-workers, siblings, everyone loves a summer wedding. I think we can all agree that most women who attend such functions pay almost as much attention (if not more) to what the bride and bridesmaids are wearing as we do to our choosing our own outfits.   One thing I’ve been looking at more and more closely now is the jewelry and accessories the brides dons for her big day—it seems like people are moving away from the strands of pearls and delicate silver chains in favor of color, statement pieces, and other things that make the look go from ‘beautiful’ to ‘show-stopping.’

If you’re a bride-to-be or a bridesmaid given the freedom to choose her own jewelry (or even a wedding guest looking to liven up an outfit a little bit), Rice and Beans Vintage has got you covered. We have a great selection of  Vintage Designer Jewelry.  One of my favorite pieces is the vintage gold and coral necklace—it’s not too big or distracting and adds a little bit of color and texture. Another great necklace is the Vintage Miriam Haskell blue and gold necklace.  I also love the Vintage Kenneth Lane chunky gold bracelet—who says statement pieces can only be necklaces? If you’re looking for some great earrings, we’ve got those, as well. I personally think the vintage rhinestone and pearl “bird of paradise” earrings would look stunning with a classic gown—and you can’t go wrong with the Vintage Ciner pearl and rhinestone pair.  Our Vintage 70’s Chanel Brooch would also look amazing pinned in your hair! Every bride wants to look beautiful and unique on their wedding day (it’s sort of like prom, where you would die if you were wearing the same dress as your friend, except that friend ended up getting married 2 weeks prior and your guest list is largely the same), and it has been my experience as a bridesmaid that they are also looking for a subtle way to stand out from the others. What better way than to invest in a piece of vintage designer jewelry that you’re positive no one else will come close to having? Happy hunting!

Vintage Chanel Brooch at Rice and Beans Vintage

written by Heather Cox and edited by Sarah Korsiak Cellier for Rice and Beans Vintage