1960s SYBIL CONNOLLY Black Crochet Cape


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Collectors vintage 1960s SYBIL CONNOLLY black wool crochet hooded cape.   This rare and very special piece comes from a collector (Ms. B) who was THE buyer for Jordan Marsh at this time in Boston.  She was very friendly with Sybil Connolly and would visit her several times a year to purchase pieces for Jordan Marsh and for herself.  Although this piece no longer has its label, it is guaranteed to be Sybil Connolly.  When this piece was purchased on that particular visit, Sybil Connolly took Ms. B to a nun's retreat in Ireland!  She would also come and stay in Boston when Ms. B was helping with the shots for the Conde Nast ads. This provenance can be written down and included with the piece if you like.  This cape has a crochet hood, is in excellent condition, and measures 59 inches long.  Not to be missed!