Rare Vintage 1999 HERMES Herbag TGM With 2 Covers


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Rare Vintage 1999 HERMES Herbag TGM With 2 Covers.  This incredible find comes with the largest and discontinued TGM size cover and the large Cabine size cover.  Black toile linen and black vache hunter leather.  This bag comes with the two covers, dustbag & instruction book on how to change the covers. The photo of the bag not on the mannequin is the smaller sized cover.  Love!


Designer: Hermes

Condition: Excellent, very light wear on the leather.  I do not have the keys for the lock but it does not need to be removed as it doesn't actually lock anything!

Length: TGM size: 20.5 inches long    Cabine size: 19.5 inches long

Height: TGM size:  17 inches tall        Cabine size: 14 inches tall 

Drop: 19inches 

Material: leather and linen