RARE Vintage Ocelot Fur Jacket


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Rare Vintage Ocelot Fur Jacket.  This piece is so special and so soft!  I am also including several scrap pieces of ocelot fur from the furrier in case of future repairs.  Not to be missed.


Designer:  J. Shifano

Condition:  Very Good.  The pelt is soft and supple and there is no shedding.  However there are a few small places where there is fur missing, the most noticeable is on the inside of the neck and cannot be seen when on. 

Size:   unmarked, fits like an extra small to small

Length:  23 inches

Bust:  19 inches across

Sleeves: 20 inches from the seam to cuff

Shoulders:  16 inches across the back

Material: Ocelot fur