VALENTINO Resort 2020 Silk Logo Wrap Dress


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Incredible VALENTINO Resort 2020 Silk Logo Wrap Dress!  This one is really hard to part with.  This Valentino logo is an archival print which was first used in the Fall 1967 Collection.  I have included both the pictures form Life Magazine 1967 where the print was first seen and a similar dress from the 2020 runway!  Hurry before I change my mind!


Designer:  Valentino

Condition: Excellent, The main tag has fallen out but the dress but the secondary tag clearly reads Valentino! 

Size:  38, Fits like a modern small -medium

Length:  47 inches long

Bust:  19 inches across (it is a wrap so it can be adjusted a little both ways)

Shoulders: 16 inches across the shoulders

Hips: 20 inches across at the hips 

Waist: 30-32 inches around (again it's a wrap dress so it can fit a slightly small waist as well. 

Material: silk