Top 4 Reasons To Shop Vintage HERMES April 19 2022

Here are the Top 4 Reasons to Shop Vintage Hermés:

  1. Hermes is  pure luxury.

Two words:  Birkin Bag.  In today’s world, we hate to wait for anything—but somehow adding one’s name to a lengthy waiting list to get your very own Birkin bag is worth the wait.

Some other delicious words:  Kelly bag.  Silk scarf.  Colliar de chien bracelet.  Is it just us, or does the mere sight of that trademark orange box quicken the pulse?

  1.  It’s fashion-forward, but remains true to its roots.

Hermés was opened as an harness shop in 1837 by twenty-six-year-old Thierry Hermés.  The small Paris harness shop catered to European noblemen by creating high-quality harnesses and bridles for hoses-drawn carriages.  (Suddenly that iconic logo makes more sense, doesn’t it?)  Eventually transitioning into leather handbags, the business moved to 24 Rue de Faubourg Saint-Honoré—where the company’s flagship store is still located.  The equestrian theme and tradition of fine leather goods continues to this day with traditional goods and details like riding boots, jodhpurs, horsebit clamps, and the ultimate in leather handbags.

  1. It’s has staying power.

Hermés has been in business for 177 years—enough said.  The company introduced the Kelly bag (then called the sac à courroie pour dame) in the 1930s (but it wasn’t made famous until that famous photograph of Grace Kelly with the bag in 1956).  The silk scarf debuted in 1937, silk neckties in 1949.  A chance encounter with Jane Birkin in 1984 led to the creation of the Birkin bag, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year!  (Side note:  If you’re in the mood to drool, Google the $81,000 red crocodile, gold, and diamond Birkin bag that was made for the bag’s 20th anniversary in 2004.  Want.)  Buying a piece of Hermes whether it is new or vintage is an investment in chic and it will never go out of style.

  1. It’s iconic.

The orange box, the horse-and-carriage logo, the silk scarves and ties, and equestrian detailing, the riding boots, the coveted bags—what more can be said?

Buy your very own piece of history now.  Shop Vintage Hermes!

Hermes Bag at Rice and Beans Vintage