Top 5 Reasons To Buy a Vintage Chanel Bag April 19 2022

The Chanel classic flap bag is easily one of the most recognizable bags in the world—it is as chic and sleek as it was when it was first debuted 60 years ago, and arguably more popular today than it was back then. If there were ever a bag that truly illustrated the concept of “timeless,” it is the Chanel flap bag.  Here at Rice and Beans Vintage, we drool over vintage Chanel bags, and love love love those classic flaps!


If you’ve ever even entertained the idea of buying yourself a Chanel flap bag (every other day, if you’re me)…

Here are the Top 5 Reasons why buying now (and buying vintage!) is the best thing you can do:

1.  It’s a classic.  A beautiful Chanel bag will Never go out of style, period.

2.  Quality.  Vintage Chanel bags are for the most part leather lined & feature gold plated hardware.  Each bag is handmade by an incredibly talented artisan.  These bags last.

3.  An Investment Piece.  Chanel continues to raise their bag prices.  The Price for a current Chanel medium classic flap is now up to $4900.  While the current Chanel bags continue to rise in value, you’ll be happy to know the Vintage Chanel Bags do as well!  Luckily you can purchase as Vintage Chanel bag for less than a current Chanel bag but still have the same if not better quality and style.

4. Not wait List.  Let’s face it, if you are looking for a specific color and style of new Chanel bag, you are most likely going to have to wait.  Wait lists are not uncommon in today’s world of designer handbags.  At Rice and Beans Vintage you don’t need to be on a wait list, we get new Vintage Chanel bags in every week.  If you want to be notified when a new bag comes in however…..we’ve got you covered.  Just email our owner Sarah at and she’ll add you to the notification list!

5.  It will set you apart.  When you buy a Vintage Chanel bag, it will be unique to you.  Even though the classic Chanel flap bag or 2.55 has not changed much over the years, Chanel has always made colors specific to certain years and little details have changed. For example the CC markings even the shape of the early CC’s is slightly different.   Many fabrics and colors are limited edition, so when you buy a vintage bag you most likely aren’t going to see the same bag on another person!  How cool is that?

Vintage Chanel classic flap bag from the Rice and Beans Vintage archive.
The original Chanel flap bag was called the 2.55 after its own birthday—February of 1955—and was reportedly a modification of an earlier Chanel-designed bag which added a strap for the shoulder.  Celebrities were soon photographed carrying versions of the soon-to-be-iconic bag, and from there the rest is history.
Jackie Kennedy carries a Chanel flap bag.
I would venture a guess that 99.9% of women around the world would not mind owning a Chanel flap bag (hi, pick me!), but many balk at the price of new versions…. That’s the bad news.  The good news is this—the design over the years has largely stayed the same and there are fantastic vintage Chanel bag finds out there, usually sold at a lower price than retail. A reputable dealer (think Rice and Beans Vintage!) will make sure the bag is authenticated before even thinking about selling it, and won’t take anything but a piece in very good or excellent condition.
Nicole Ritchie carries a vintage jumbo Chanel flap bag.

If you would like to be on our Chanel Notification list (not a waist list of course) please email our owner Sarah at and she’ll add you right away!


Written by Heather Cox for Rice and Beans Vintage.